Furnaces & Furnace Servicing

Furnaces are an important piece of the Albertan lifestyle. With our famously harsh winters, it’s important that these units are working in peak conditions year-round. Our licensed service technicians are trained to diagnose mechanical and electrical malfunctions, keeping your unit working the way it should. 

For all furnaces, we recommend an annual servicing. This often overlooked service call is paramount in preventing performance issues from occurring. We highly recommend preventative maintenance, since this can save you time and money in service and labour costs. 

During furnace servicing, we check for the following: 

  • Examine the furnace by energizing the thermostat – this will allow us to listen to the system to make sure there are no obvious mechanical issues with your furnace
  • Inspect furnace filtration, including any electronic air cleaners and HEPA filters
  • Check for a proper firing sequence in the furnace
  • Inspect the furnace internals such as the circuit board, inducer motor, main blower motor, and of course, the heat exchanger

Hot Water Tanks

We want to make sure you’ll always have hot water when you need it - this is why our service experts are trained in diagnosing, repairing and servicing all makes and models of hot water tanks. 

If you’re looking at replacing your existing hot water tank, we’ll provide you with the options that best suit your home and it’s needs. This means that your family of 6 will have different needs than a family of two. Do you also have a hot tub? We’ll include all factors when we work on your new or existing hot water tanks. 

Infrared, Radiant and Unit Heaters

Everyone has their favourite space in their home, and we want to make sure it’s always comfortable. If your favourite spot is in your garage, workshop, barn, or backyard; we know that those spots can also cool off the fastest. We think that when you’re comfortable, you’re also able to be more productive.

We’re passionate about heaters and we’ve spent years becoming experts on how they work and how to fix them. Your hobby or work space is important to you, so we’ll make sure that your heating units are always working their best. 

Do you have a deck or patio? If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or love to barbecue even when the weather isn’t always favourable, we have options to keep your outdoor space comfortable, too. We supply external unit heaters so you can enjoy year round comfort outdoors.