Thermostats have become an integral part of the home comfort system. New technologies even allow for wireless control of the temperature in your home and come in sleek, attractive, and easy-to-use models. These devices allow you to control heating and cooling features in your home. There are two main thermostat types of thermostats that we install and service

7-Day Programmable Thermostats

These units are quickly becoming the go-to product for energy management and efficiency in many households. These programmable thermostats allow you to schedule heating or cooling cycles in your home based on your schedule. This means that if you know you’ll be away from home for the day at work, or for nighttime temperatures, you can schedule the exact time you want your heating and cooling units to run their cycles. These conveniences offer energy savings year-round.

We carry a wide range of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats that allow you to control your thermostat’s screen using your smartphone. These devices are the next step in home automation, offering the ultimate in homeowner convenience.

Digital Thermostats – Non-Programmable

These cost effective devices offer easy-to-see and use displays and come in a variety of models based on your needs. Many of these thermostats come in contemporary design options and offer basic and accurate heating and cooling cycle control capabilities. They’re a great option if you’re looking for straightforward, simple operation.

We carry popular brands Honeywell and White-Rodgers and all thermostats come with an 90-day installation warranty, plus a 5-year manufacturer warranty.