Custom Home Specialists

At Boyce Heating, we work with both local contractors and homeowners for renovations and new build projects. We provide advice to our clients to ensure their project will include the proper heating and cooling systems will need once complete. 

We are proud to provide duct sealing protocols on all of our installations, a practice that is above provincial code in Alberta. This process increases efficiency throughout the heating system and distributes the air more evenly in the home (we really love efficiency!).

If you’re a contractor or a homeowner with a renovation or in-fill project in mind, we would love to connect with you to explore efficient heating and cooling options available for your home. 

Working with Existing Systems

When working on a renovation or custom build, we consider modifying pieces of the existing system by adding more hot air or return air supplies in the home. If the renovation involves an addition to the existing structure, we always consider if the furnace or air conditioning unit has the appropriate capacity to heat and cool the new square footage. 

In cases where the existing heating or cooling units will not work efficiently after the renovation is complete, we will often suggest the addition of a new or additional furnace or air conditioning unit to allow for proper heating and cooling. Sizing these units for the home is crucial in having the system work at maximum efficiency. 

Interested in zoning of your systems? We can do that, too!