Troubleshooting Your Equipment

As homeowners, we know it can be stressful when your appliances aren't working the way they should. Before calling us to have a service technician to visit your home, there are a few troubleshooting measures you can try on your own. Working through these checklists could save you time and money.

Not a fan of DIY? Or you've checked the items below with no luck? Give us a call and our experts will help fix the problem in no time.


Troubleshooting your Home Furnace Unit

  • Is the power on?
  • Is the bottom door on?
  • Is the filter dirty? Filters should be changed at least every 3 months for clean air and proper functioning unit.
  • Is the thermostat turned on? The furnace with not engage if the thermostat is not available to provide commands for heat.
  • Is the thermostat calling for heat? Try turning up the desired temperature in the home to see if the furnace engages.
  • If using a programmable thermostat, do the batteries need to be changed?
  • Is the furnace delivering any codes? Look through the window of the bottom door on the furnace, if calling for a code, you'll see a flashing light. 

Troubleshooting your Garage Heater

  • Is power available to the unit?
  • Is the pilot light on? If not, the hot surface ignition?
  • Is the gas turned on?
  • Do you know if the venting for the unit is plugged? Check the vent for debris and remove it if you find any.

Troubleshooting your Hot Water Tank

  • Is there any hot water?
  • Is the pilot light on?
  • Is the tank leaking any water?
  • If the tank is power vented, is the power on?
  • Is the tank plugged in?
  • Is the gas for the unit turned on?

Troubleshooting your Home Humidifier

  • Is it calling for humidity?
  • Is it wired to the furnace fan or heat cycle?
  • Is it leaking any water?
  • Is the media pad wet?
  • Is the humidistat turned on?
  • When was the last servicing? Like the rest of your home heating and cooling systems, humidifiers should be serviced annually.